Sustainable Futures Begin With Renewable Energy Careers

March 15, 2023

Renewable energy is having a moment, and it’s here to stay.

With historic, favorable legislation and incentives created through the Inflation Reduction Act and unprecedented levels of global investment, the renewable energy sector is poised to take off as it races to solve some of our most challenging climate issues. 

There's no doubt that the solutions that are coming from this sector in the next decade will be immensely impactful. And right now there is a time sensitive call to action for the people who will be the catalysts for growth and innovation within these companies.  

The future is bright, but…

All signs point to progress as the call for renewable energy is surging globally. 

Growing demand, favorable incentives and the need to combat climate crises with a ‘renewable energy transition’ has investors motivated about the renewables industry. And their excitement shows as global investments have hit an all time high. Up 19% from 2021, and 50% from before the pandemic in 2019, we saw a record 1.3 trillion USD invested in 2022 ( 

There are also positive predictions about the labor demand. As of now, 12.7 Million people currently work in the renewable energy sector worldwide according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. But by 2030, this is expected to more than double. This green jobs boom could see as many as 38 million people employed in renewables in the next 10 years! (world economic forum)

These are all strong indicators of a long runway of growth and innovation, with one caveat. The people needed to scale and sustain the renewable energy industry. 

There’s a labor gap. But also, an opportunity.

As we head towards a more sustainable future and a global renewable energy transition, we are at an interesting inflection point that's presenting both opportunity and a reckoning. 

Tackling this multifaceted labor challenge and meeting the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals, such as affordable and clean energy, seem to be interrelated battles - and there’s a lot of room for improvement in the U.S. We hold just 7% of global renewable jobs, compared to a staggering 42% in China,  still to be had to unlock access to capital, invest more in green jobs and to remove the roadblocks that are impeding more growth. (world economic forum).

With growing demand and unprecedented investment and incentives, many renewable energy companies are feeling the squeeze of the labor market for clean energy jobs wondering, “where are we going to find all these people?” (Reuters).

We can look to governments, businesses and universities for help to prioritize the investment and skills training needed for green jobs (world economic forum) - but we can also look to staffing firms like Intelletec to help workers looking to transition to a green career and fill open jobs with qualified people so companies can find the talent they need right now.

There are some key sectors and types of roles job seekers can immediately look to for green jobs.

According to the world economic forum, there are some fast growing sectors that job seekers can look to right away for renewable energy jobs. 

Solar is currently the fastest growing field, taking the global lead in growth with both percentage of green jobs and investments. Followed by wind & hydropower, biofuels and ocean energy - with geothermal and heat pump technology trailing behind (world economic forum).  Additionally, there are over 70,000 battery storage jobs in the US alone (

Working in the energy industry can provide avenues for workers in these respective fields to learn new skills through hands-on roles or tackle conceptual technology problems like home efficiency solutions, energy research, energy technology development, climate control solutions, and more (entrepreneur). Some key roles predicted to stay in high demand are positions like;

  • Wind Turbine Technician, Construction Manager, Project Planner, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineer and Software Developer. (Quanta)

As we see it, there is currently a unique opportunity unfolding for those who are seeking a challenging new role, desire to learn new skills and a new industry and who want to help the U.S. solve global challenges for a sustainable future.

Intelletec Open Roles

  • Battery Storage Project Developer
  • FP&A Director
  • Finance, Director 
  • Manager - Solar/Storage Development Engineer 
  • Investment Associate - Renewables 
  • Portfolio Manager, Asset Management 

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