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We took the same strategic approach building our team here at Intelletec Energy as we do with our clients. People drive business forward, so assembling a team of highly talented, experienced, and driven professionals was a non negotiable. 

Our team has a combined 30 years of renewable energy and recruiting experience. We understand the nuances of growing a business and have the industry expertise to guide you throughout the entire hiring process. We pride ourselves on being more than a staffing agency. As specialized recruitment partners to our clients, we work together to find that needle in a haystack hire that has the potential to add incredible value to your Company or project. Our unique talent mapping and benchmarking services provide clients with data-driven sourcing plans that sets them apart from competitors.

Founded in 2012, the Intelletec Group built a reputation in the tech industry as being a specialized recruiting firm. Our combined 120+ years of recruiting experience has given us the foresight to see that Intelletec's specialized approach to recruiting would be beneficial in other industries. Fast-forward to 2021, Intelletec Energy was born. Similar to the tech industry, renewable energy positions are hard to place and require a very specific skill set - which are exactly the types of roles we are passionate about sourcing. Beyond the core business alignment, our motivation to launch Intelletec Energy was driven out of our passion for sustainability and creating a safer world for future generations. We are honored to support the renewable energy industry and eager to find the next future leaders. 

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Angelo Basurto
Managing Consultant
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Kirk Osburn
Senior Consultant
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Sade Lawal
Senior Consultant
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Theodore Rayden
Principal Consultant
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Jessica Gharabaghi
Senior Consultant
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Kelly Sprow
Business + People Operations
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Jason Rumney
Founder + CEO
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Gary Tiller
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Our values

The heart of our business


We pride ourselves on having built long-standing relationships with the top 1% of candidates in our respective markets. This enables us to access high-quality talent and ensures that we deliver the best quality of service to our clients. We are always looking to be better, and encourage a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. At Intelletec, we welcome out of the box ideas that can change the game.


Operating honestly and intuitively is threaded into the fabric of Intelletec. Each consultant is laser-focused on delivering our solutions in a comprehensive, “no-frills” way. We use facts and data to influence our decisions, and we stick to our word, every time. Respect to us means valuing everybody we work with, be these colleagues, clients, or candidates. Empathy, honesty, and integrity are what we strive for.


Being a great recruiter is more than just finding talent for our clients. We believe in the power of teamwork, and that together, we can achieve more! Our oversight of the market is exceptional, inclusive of real-time changes that our clients simply wouldn’t have knowledge of. It’s our job to consult and advise on what the best options are, and we do this across all teams to help our learning and development, too.


To build a strong partnership, we don’t believe in a clinical, transactional interaction. We want you to feel comfortable with us, trust us, and most importantly - enjoy the experience! Hiring can be an incredibly collaborative and inspiring process when the right people work together. Having fun is a core part of every day, and we definitely don’t turn down a reason to celebrate. We get things done and enjoy it along the way.

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We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. If you are excited about the work we are doing at Intelletec Energy, send us an email!